Custom stainless steel wine tanks and winery equipment.

Custom Stainless Steel Tanks

Our tanks are fabricated using the finest material available such as SVS and EVOJ valves, Zorzini and Laveggi man-ways to your specifications. The tanks are cut on a CNC machine with very tight tolerances allowing the weld beads to only be 1/8" wide. All interior and exterior joints are ground to insure easy sanitation.

Storage Tanks
Other Tanks

Red and White Wine Fermentors / Controllers

We have developed a line of both dedicated white and red wine fermentors. As with the tanks the fermentors are fabricated to your specifications.

White Wine Fermentors
Red Wine Fermentors

Winery Equipment

We carry a complete line of Semi-Automatic Bottle Fillers, State of the Art Automatic Wine and Juice Filter Systems, Horizontal Membrane & Bladder Presses, bottle corkers and Stalvin Capping Machines.


Slovenian Oak Barrels, Fermentors and Casks

We now carry a full line of Slovenian Oak Barrels, Open and Closed Top Fermentor and storage casks to 10,000 Liters. Slovenian Oak tannis are somewhare between French and American Oak which make them ideal for wines that need extended maturation to develop the ideal aromatic and flavor profile. Slovenian Oak is used extensively by Italian winemakers to age such varieties as: Cabernet Sauvignon, Sangiovese, Barbara and other notable Red Wines.